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Triathlon Coaching

Signed up for your first triathlon but not sure where to begin?

Training on your own and enjoying the swim/bike/run but want to take it up a notch and see what you can do?

Have done a few races and are looking to take the next step up and become a IRONMAN 70.3 Finisher?

Good news... You don't have to do it alone! Finding a coach can be daunting, wondering if you are 'good enough' to need a coach is a common question but shouldn't be. 

The coaches at Corky & Co are dedicated to providing programs to suit your needs and will be there every stroke, pedal and step of the way to help achieve your dreams. Whether you are a complete beginner or  you know when we say bricks we aint talking about building a house, then we have the program for you.

With over +10years of knowledge and experience in Triathlons we know what it takes to plan goals and achieve them. We believe it's important to focus on finding a sustainable balance of work, life and training. 

Nutrition Coaching

The guide to good nutrition, wellbeing and health all begins with you!

Then that's where step 2 comes in: US... we are here to help you!

Corky & Co offers personalised and tailored nutrition coaching structured around you and your lifestyle. We are here to educate, inspire, support and provide you with the fundamental tools to reach your own personal goals. More importantly to show you that eating healthly and well balanced daily intake of food doesn't have to be boring! We at Corky & Co live by the motto 80% Clean and Lean 20% for sanity, after all, we are human and chocolate is far too delicious to give up. 

Corky & Co nutrition plans are not just any cookie cutter plans, we understand that each and everyone of you is different. Whether your goals are to lose weight, build muscle, increase athletic performance, practice race day fuelling or simply learn how to eat a well balanced array of nutritious food then our tailored 1:1 Nutrition coaching is for you. 

To find out more head to the contact us page and shoot us a message! 



β€œActions open doors, Consistency keeps them open.”

β€” Rob Stanmore