About Us

Be fearless in the pursuit of what set's your soul on fire... 

It's these words that created the foundation that Corky & Co is based on.

A conversation some time ago mid long ride between two friends was an unusual place to spark a business idea, but it was where Corky and Co all began! 

Here at Corky and Co we love everything Triathlon, yes that's swim, bike, run and we also love nourishing our bodies with good food.

So how did we come about?

Corky & Co was born when we- Corky (Courtney Home) & Co (Chloe Kay) were long riding one day discussing the future. We became friends three years ago through triathlon, first as Instafriends but soon became real life ones. We have ridden, run and swum hundreds (possibly thousands) of kilometres together since then and drunk way too many coffees. 

We have contemplated for a while how we could turnout passion into something bigger, make more people fall in love with the wonderful world of triathlon especially women. The ratio of women:men in the sport is pretty low but growing steadily. How could we help it grow even more? What is it that limits more women from being involved, is it time, support, gear, confidence, the fear of not knowing where to start?

Another thing we love is being a part of something bigger than yourself. Having people on course in a triathlon race supporting and cheering for you because they’re part of your team… That feeling is rad!

We aren't here to reinvent the wheel, we are here to share the love, passion and knowledge in swimming, riding, running and nutrition with you. Combining the things we believe are limiting factors and the best parts of triathlon… And offering you a chance to be part of it. 


Our services

Who we are and what we provide as coaches to our athletes is incredibly important to us. We believe that communication, feedback, analysis and a personalised approach is paramount when it comes to reaching goals!

We aren’t just talking about triathlon, below is a list of other styles of coaching we provide

  • Running (from park run to Ultras)

  • Swimming (Fitness to Ocean Swim Series)

  • Riding (Fitness to Challenge Events)

  • Nutrition (From weekly tracking to 12 week programs)

  • Sports and Weight loss Nutrition (8 week programs to Endurance nutrition programs)

  • Group Training programs

  • 12 Week Triathlon Race specific Programs

  • Strength and Condition Programs

  • 1:1 Personalised coaching in all aspects