We understand that choosing a coach isn't an easy decision. You aren't just investing your money but also your time and faith, putting your goals in their hands.

For this reason it is important to know what you are looking for in a coach... Is it just a program to follow or something more? Do you want feedback? Accountability? Support and Guidance... I mean heck three sports in one race, where do you start?

Likewise with nutrition, there's so much information out there about what to eat and when? Are carbs really the enemy or will eating fat make you fat? And how much is too much? I am doing all this training but not losing weight? HELP!

So we'd love to introduce you to the coaches that make up Corky & Co. With a collective over 10 years of experience in Triathlon and Nutrition, multiple full and half IRONMAN finishes, Kona qualifications and a plethora of short course triathlons our coaches have done almost every distance. 

They have personal experience, knowledge, passion and understanding of what it takes to make it to any start line of a race or to reach your ideal body composition. 

Whether you are brand spanking new to Triathlons or have some experience and are looking to jump from short course to long course, then we have the perfect coach for you. If you never counted macros before or are an experienced athlete who is looking to tailor their nutrition plan for optimal performance we can help.

We offer 100% personalised 1:1 coaching, that means no cookie cutter plans. Your goal is important to you, otherwise you wouldn't be here. And if it's important to you then it's important to us! Once we have set clear goals, we work with you to plot out a plan of how we will get there, tailor make you a program to accomodate your needs... Then allow you to kick some ass! And we are there every stroke, pedal and step of the way to guide, support and encourage you along!



Courtney Home

Courtney (or corky to friends) is a long course triathlete who loves everything Swim, bike, run and nutrition.

with 8 Ironmans (2 Ironman world Champ qualifactions) and multiple other distance events over 6 years she has gained a vast and intricate understanding and knowledge in athlete development across all discplines.

Courtney also has a strong passion and understanding for nourishing her body and advancing athletic performance through a well balanced nutrition plan. she looks forward to sharing this knowledge with her coached athletes to reach their goals.